Metrology - Calibrations

In all areas of industry and commerce, the accuracy of mass measurements is critical to the quality of products and services produced, as well as to the validity of transactions. Aimed at ensuring and validating the quality of production, as well as the services provided to our customers in the field of weighing, we have developed the PANMETRO metrology laboratory, with the object of checking and calibrating balances and weight standards.

Our many years of experience in the field of weighing and the fully qualified staff of our company make us the most reliable partners for carrying out checks and calibrations. The services of the metrology laboratory can also be offered in combination with the repair or adjustment of the balance of the mass standard, so that even if deviations from the specifications are found during the control or calibration, we offer the possibility to have the desired accuracy in the measurements you, with just one visit!


Trust us and ensure:

Compliance with applicable legislation

Compliance with quality system specifications

Production quality assurance

Ensure transaction validity



Feel free to send us your inquiry with the characteristics of the weighing instrument you wish to check or calibrate, as well as its operating specifications, and we will inform you of the proposed procedure.
If you need any clarification, we are at your disposal to help you!





PANMETRO weighing instruments accredited laboratory of PANTELIDIS S.A. delivers control and calibration services according to EURAMET cg 18, for all types of balances, using calibrated standard weights. Possibility of carrying out calibrations and checks on all types of weighing instruments, indicatively:

Laboratory (analytical) balances
Bench scales
Floor scales



The accredited PANMETRO mass standards laboratory of PANTELIDIS S.A. offers inspection and calibration services according to OIML R111-1, using special high-resolution balances (comparators), in specially designed areas in our facilities.


Mass standards are the most important equipment for checking and calibrating weighing instruments. They are classified according to the maximum error tolerance in the accuracy classes E1, E2, F1, F2, M1, M1–2, M2, M2–3, and M3, according to OIML R111-1.

In addition to the calibration and control services of our laboratory, you can obtain from our company standard weights to carry out more frequent internal checks on your weighing instruments, thus ensuring the early diagnosis of problems and deviations, to ensure the quality of your production.

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