Cherry Sorting


The first step in each processing line is the transfer of products coming from the harvest. For cherries, this must be performed in an extremely delicate manner and, for this reason, they are sent into tanks with water at a temperature controlled by means of hydrocooling systems.

Crate submerger
Water bins feeding

A notched modular elevator belt, the first part of which rests on the bottom of the tank, picks up the cherries and feeds them into the processing cycle. The elevator belts are equipped with a tray at output to help avoid possible damage to the fruit during falling.


This machine, composed of a belt for feeding in water of the product to the blades and a collection tank, performs a very important function in cherry processing: separation of the clusters. The systems for adjusting the height of the belt and, consequently, of the fingers can be automatic or manual; this machine optimises separation of the clusters according to the length of the stems.


The fruit sorter used for, grading cherries according to parameters such as dimensions (diameter, length and shape), thus defining sorting classes to safeguard the quality of the fruit selected. It can be easily operated by means of a touchscreen with a user-friendly menu to control the motorized rollers.


The careful selection of products is carried out by means of latest-generation vision systems, which make use colour and infra-red cameras managed by a complete and user-friendly software.

“InVision Total View” is the new technology for classifying cherries. For the first time in the world, it is possible with this system to detect 100% of the surface of the fruit and obtain very high definition images, thanks to the two new pairs of cameras set in strategic positions and to the new powerful lighting of additional LEDs.

The hardware management software has an easy-to-use interface that does not compromise performance and that also uses the latest Compac software features, such as “machine learning” and SmartMapTM and SmartSkinTM, which provide better detection and categorisation of defects.

It is possible to detect all the typical cherry defects on 100% of the surface of each fruit, such as soft, hailed, suzuki, bruising, splits, mould, holes, welts, doubles (stem).


The heart of a line is the sorting machine, which selects cherries based on colour, shape, size and defects.

The Compac Small Fruit Sorter (SFS) is an electronic sorter designed to select small products such as cherries and cherry tomatoes. Using the Compac InVision system, the SFS selects products by size, shape, colour and external quality. The SFS is available with 1 to 16 channels in multiples of two, meeting the needs operators, from the smallest to the biggest. For higher production, larger warehouses can use multiple side-by-side sorters, all controlled by the same computer. The maximum speed of the SFS is 30 trolleys per second and a capacity of approximately 600Kg/hour per line, working at a speed of 1800 roller per minute per lane and an average product size of 28 mm.



Designed for the packaging of products processed in water, especially cherries, this bench guarantees the correct posture of the operator by avoiding disjointed movements. It consists of an initial conveyor belt (dewatering), which favors the dripping of the water allowing the processing of the dry product and the passage of waste into the water. Conveyor belts for last manually check are connected to subsequent machines, usually box fillers.


The final package is the showcase for every customer, and our filling systems are designed to be extremely delicate so as not to allow any cherry to ruin a pack and therefore the image of our client.

Manual filling system
Semi-automatic filling system
Automatic filling system

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